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Farming rare Recipes & Formulas for gold in wow classic


Posted 4:19 am, 03/25/2020

The rare “Formula: Enchant Weapon â€" Crusader” only drops from one enemy in the Game, the “Scarlet Spellbinder”. It has a drop chance of 0.5%, while there are only 9 spawn locations for these mobs. This makes the formula very rare, on my server it is worth around 300g. The Scarlet Spellbinder locations are all at the watchtower on the road towards Hearthglen, in the north of the Western Plaguelands.

Another rare Recipe that is farmable in the Westerm Plaguelands is the “Recipe: Greater Nature Protection Potion”. It is worth around 75g on my Server. Though, if you don’t desperately need the gold, I would advise hanging on to it. The price of it will likely rise a lot once Phase 5 is announced, since the Potion will be needed in Ahn’Quiraj. It drops from the “Rotting Behemoths” and “Decaying Horrors” in the east, at around 3-4% drop chance. I Have marked both locations on the map below. Keep in mind, that the Slimes in this location share respawns with the mobs you want, so you should consider killing them, too.

Icy Chill Formula & Frost Protection Potion

The “Formula: Enchant Weapon â€" Icy Chill” drops from the “Anguished Highbornes” on the Lake in Winterspring. It is the northern location on the map below. On my Server, this rare formula is worth around 50-100g, though it can vary a lot. The Enchant is mostly used for PvP. The drop rate of the Formula is around 1,5%.

If you feel capable, the elite giants in the south of Winterspring can drop another one of these rare recipes. The “Recipe: Greater Frost Protection Potion” is not worth as much, at around 30-50g, though with 5-6% drop rate, it can still be worth it. If you can kill the giants, of course.

Greater Shadow Protection Potion

This rare Recipe only drops from the “Dark Adepts” and “Shadowmages” in the two locations I have marked in the east and west of the Eastern Plaguelands. The drop rate is at roughly 1,7% and on my Server, it sells for 75-100g. This Potion will be used for progress in BWL, especially Nefarian, which is why it is quite expensive at the moment. The two mobs share respawns with the Crypt Spiders, so you want to kill those, too. There are also several Rich Thorium Veins and even a Black Lotus spawn in the eastern spot.

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