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For a broader customer base Fjallraven invested heavily in a TV ad


Posted 3:38 am, 05/02/2018

Outdoor brands seldom do TV commercials. The reason is very simple, too expensive and too expensive. However, during the broadcast of the US “Super Bowl” last year, the outdoor brand Marmot seldom voted for a TV ad; it is similar to this year. The U.S. rugby event “Monday night football”, Fjallraven, who has been playing in the North American market in recent years, has also invested heavily in a TV commercial. The purpose is very clear. “To tell more people about our stories, Attract people into our stores.”

“Night of Football Monday” is similar to the “Super Bowl,” and its influence can be referenced to our Spring Festival Gala. In 2016, a 30-second ad auction during Monday Night Football was over $300,000.

On the evening of September 11, U.S. local time, Fjallraven’s TV commercial was first broadcast on the Los Angeles Electro-Optical team against the Denver Broncos. “This is an advertisement that stimulates outdoor adventure.”

With regard to why such large-scale marketing opportunities were invested heavily, Joe Prebich, Fjallraven’s North American brand vice president, said: “Now talking about the outdoors or the city is actually a very broad concept. The nature of our core consumer has changed “Monday Football Night” represents our broader customer base and our target consumers. As a first step, we approach them on behalf of the outdoors. We need to communicate with these new consumers and drive them to spend more outdoors. time.”

“We are an outdoor Swedish brand, and this is our DNA,” said Nathan Dopp, president of Fjallraven North America, USA. “The ideal nature of creativity and the positioning of TV ads and integration with live sports audiences are in line with Fjallraven’s consumer growth strategy. .”

Fjallraven’s 30-second commercial advertises a series of outdoor elements: beach walks, wading through water, canoeing, backpacking, and enjoying nature, just as the slogan “Forever Natural”.

Because Fjallraven has opened new brand stores in major cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, the advertisement will be broadcast during the next six Monday night football games. Prebich said that this is by far Fjallraven’s biggest advertising campaign, but “they will continue to support the core hiking market”.

“In the United States, many people do not know who we are,” Prebich said. “They don’t know our name. They don’t know our mark.”

He said that the company’s decision to invest in such a large-scale marketing campaign does not mean that it will deviate from the outdoor core market and consumers.

“It’s not about getting in and out of the outdoor market,” he said. “We want to attract people who drink at a bar and watch games with friends. Maybe he will see this ad and be inspired to camp outdoors this weekend.”

“We want to tell our story aloud and drive people into our online store.

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