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Path of Exile: How To Keep Things Fresh In The League?


Posted 11:24 pm, 04/16/2018

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Posted 2:50 am, 03/22/2018

If you have been struggling to keep your interest in the league, and you want to start a new build to keep things fresh. So any ideas to keep you playing and not give in to the net drops?

The only proper advice. If you don't enjoy it,why continue playing a game? Just take a break and do other stuff. There are plenty of things to do in this world. And maybe after a week or so when you feel like logging back in, do so again. If you're interested in this league, please make sure you have a look at
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Then, make yourself some goals and try to achieve them. 90 bonus in atlas isn't much, try finishing it (or atleast all the regular maps)? Yeah maps might cost currency, but having a finished atlast feels good and who knows, it might boost your map droprate. But if they changed in power every league, you could try completely new build setups. But for now, I’m started play sea of thieves to see what that’s about. I hope you’ll either find the joy again, or takes a break and come back renewed.

It's very possible to sustain red maps, the problem is it takes way more time-investment now than it did in previous leagues (grinding and grinding yellow maps to save up
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red maps, then slowly progress there. Then regress back to yellows probably, then progress a little more, etc). To get to a point where you can sustain red maps, it takes a considerable time commitment.

Every little bit helps with how hard it is to maintain red maps. Specially as you climb the tiers, tier 16's will have a chance to drop every map you completed.
● It depends on your goals. If you want to do shaper, complete as much as you can and don't do maps you hate.
● If you want to sell tier 16's complete the most valuable one only and as many additional maps as you like, mayby only 1-2 per tier.
● If you want to just run the shaped maps you enjoy then just complete those shaped maps and no additional red maps.

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