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Reports: Raiders trading recently acquired


Posted 4:44 am, 11/06/2018

WR/PR Ryan Switzer to Steelers That was fast. Ryan Switzer joined the Raiders in a trade last April and before he could even get settled in California Youth Justin Ellis Jersey , he looks to be headed to Pittsburgh. This first repoted Jordan Schultz of Yahoo! Sports.For Switzer, this will be his third NFL stop before his second NFL season. For the Raiders it’s also been a lot of moving around of players.During April’s draft, the Raiders made two trades for actual NFL players. They acquired Martavis Bryant for a third round pick and just as the draft was completing they sent former 2nd round pick Jihad Ward to Dallas to acquire former 4th round pick Switzer.Now they send a receiver back to Pittsburgh, probably for a conditional late round pick.They had a competition happening between Switzer, Griff Whalen, and Seth Roberts. One or two of them would have to be cut or traded. Presumably the Raiders made all three available and the Steelers bit on Switzer.Follow @LeviDamienPoll: After 3 weeks of football Womens Amari Cooper Jersey , would Raider Nation rather have Jon Gruden or Khalil Mack? In the season opener about two weeks ago Khalil Mack put on a jaw-dropping display against the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers tallying a pick-six and strip sack. Mack’s play has yet to drop off as he has continued to wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks forcing a fumble in each of the next two games leading the Chicago Bears to as many wins. The team that dealt away Mack, the Oakland Raiders, have experienced a far different outcome three weeks into the 2018 NFL season. Oakland has lost three straight games to open the season, all in heartbreaking fashion considering its second half performances, and have an obvious lack of a pass rush.For perspective, Mack has three sacks Womens Jordy Nelson Jersey , three forced fumbles and one interception and one touchdown. The Raiders as a team have three sacks, one forced-fumble, one interception, and zero touchdowns. Oakland, once the talk of the league with a bright future built upon Mack and Derek Carr, is headed toward a rebuild and are now just two-point favorites at HOME against the Cleveland Browns this Sunday. While it is tough to judge a trade just three games later Youth Derrick Johnson Jersey , but with hindsight being 50/50 (thanks Chucky), let’s pose the question of who Raider Nation would rather have; Khalil Mack or Jon Gruden?Gruden’s salary doesn’t go against the cap and having great coaching is necessary for winning Super Bowls. And, there is now about $23 million that can be spread around instead of it being used on one player. Oakland wouldn’t gain any benefits in terms of the salary cap from having Gruden’s $10 million salary off the books.But that doesn’t mean there couldn’t have been an ideal scenario which would have involved keeping good coaching and a past and (likely) future Defensive Player of the Year. So after hearing my take, let’s hear yours.