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Posted 1:14 am, 03/14/2019

Seven more bodies were found in the toppled Chinese fishing vessel after it collided with a tanker early Thursday [url= http://www.bostonbruinsteam...cic-jersey] http://www.bostonbruinsteam...ersey[/url] , bringing the total death toll to 13, according to the Chinese Consulate General in Osaka.

The fishing vessel from the Chinese mainland collided with a tanker of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Thursday in international waters some 400 km north of the Oki Islands in western Japan.

Earlier, one of the 16 crew members on board of the fishing vessel was found dead, three were rescued by nearby fishing vessels [url= http://www.bostonbruinsteam...key-jersey] http://www.bostonbruinsteam...ersey[/url] , while 12 others were missing.

Three patrol vessels of the Japan Coast Guard have begun work since early Friday with frogmen sent to search for the missing people, said the consulate general.

Five bodies were found in the toppled Chinese fishing vessel on Friday morning and seven more were found in the afternoon.

The bodies have been transferred to another Chinese fishing vessel nearby.

The consulate general said it will continue to keep contact with the Japanese side to coordinate for the follow-up issues.

Earlier report:

Five people have been confirmed dead after a collision between a Chinese mainland fishing boat and a Hong Kong oil tanker, China Central Television reported on Friday.

The clash took place early Thursday morning in the international waters 400 kilometers north of Ja-pan's Oki Islands, Shimane prefecture.

Four people have been rescued as of Friday noon.

After receiving search requests from the Chinese side [url= http://www.bostonbruinsteam...ler-jersey] http://www.bostonbruinsteam...ersey[/url] , the Japanese Coast Guard dispatched three pa-trol boats to the waters and discovered five victims' bodies inside the fishing boat Lurong Yuanyu 378. The bodies were tranferred to a nearby Chinese fishing boat to be identified.

According to the Chinese Consulate General in Osaka, 16 people were on the fishing boat when the clash took place and the consulate has already initiated a contingency plan to continue carrying out the rescue mission.

The 21 crewmembers of the oil tanker Brightoil Lucky, which was on its way to the Russian oil port of Kozmino at the time of the collision, were reportedly unharmed.

Find Business Brokers in New York For Price that聮s Truly worth Your Business

Posted by SteveJacobs023 on June 30th [url= http://www.bostonbruinsteam...cyk-jersey] http://www.bostonbruinsteam...ersey[/url] , 2017

Business is a profession that gives you the utmost freedom to do what you like the most. But essentially it can be translated to risk as well. There is immense amount of risk associated with business, and it is due to this risk that there is a bright chance of making it big in life.

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In order to secure a promising deal for your New York business [url= http://www.bostonbruinsteam...zon-jersey] http://www.bostonbruinsteam...ersey[/url] , it is essential to seek expert assistance for a number of reasons. Some of the prime reasons to support hiring business brokers in New York are:

- Enhancing business value: Business valuation is the most critical factor when it comes to selling one’s business. A business broker will not only give you a precise estimate of the value of your business but also offer accurate insights and suggestions to enhance it for better pricing.

- Better options: Since the brokers are professionals that dedicate their complete focus on buyingselling of businesses, they have access to a larger pool of potential buyers and can also arrange better deals due to relevant experience in this field.

- Economical and stress-free: The entire process requires you to spend hundreds of hours spread over a period of time. There are complicated legal procedures as well. Plus, if you lose focus, your business can experience a downswing which is too bad in the final days. Therefore [url= http://www.bostonbruinsteam...agr-jersey] http://www.bostonbruinsteam...ersey[/url] , hiring a business broker is an economical and a stress-free option.

Whenever you decide to list your business for sale in New York, the first step should be to get in touch with an experienced team of business brokers to get things done in a sophisticated and friendly way. There is a much better chance of getting a deal that gives you more than your business is worth when you’ve a skilled broker by your side.

Author’s Bio : The author is an avid writer. This article is about the importance of business brokers in New York to sell business at a profitable price.

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