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The NFL draft pick will open tomorrow. Who will be the quarterback?


Posted 3:28 am, 05/02/2018

In the hot summer days, almost all the free-agent players have already gone and what will be the rest of the offseason? Don't worry, the 2018 NFL Draft Conference is coming soon! Because this draft is known as the "Big Year", it has drawn everyone's attention very early. What are the young talents headed by Sakwan Barkley, Josh Rosen, and Sam Danod? Who will be the winner of the high school championship title? Will there be a big deal happen on that day? What will the Patriots and Brown do? At 8 a.m. on April 27, Beijing time, Tencent Sports will be the first day of a full-length video live show! On the third day of the second day of the NBA Draft (28th and 29th), Tencent Sports will use the teletext to give fans first-hand information on the draft! <a href="http://www.wholesalejerseys...ipping.com" title="wholesale jerseys">wholesale jerseys</a>

Who is the champion?

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Since it was a big draft year, (<a href="http://www.wholesalejerseys...ipping.com" title="wholesale nfl jerseys china">wholesale nfl jerseys china</a>)the champion show is naturally the focus of the focus. At the beginning of last season, Penn State running back Sakwan - Barkley has always been the media, the eyes of experts. However, as the season progressed, including Josh Rosen, Sam Danod, and others, the voice of the champion has also increased. Therefore, as of now, originally Cleveland Brown has the No. 1 pick, picking either Rosen or Darrard as one of the two quarterbacks without suspense, but the talented running back of Barkley's presence disrupts the entire draft and is the ultimate candidate. Who is still an unknown mystery? <a href="http://www.wholesalejerseys...ipping.com" title="wholesale jerseys china">wholesale jerseys china</a>

The undercurrent of the transaction is surging

The annual NFL Draft will often be accompanied by transactions. I believe that this year's NBA Draft will be no exception. From previous news, it can be seen that many teams want to be able to trade in the draft. For example, the New York Giants have the idea of taking Xiao Manning as an eye for the future trade. Buffalo Bill, who previously completed two deals, has now accumulated five draft picks in the 65th overall draft, including the 12th overall pick in the first round. The team is currently actively working on draft picks. They hope Pass the high-quality draft picks in exchange for higher draft picks to find the team's future quarterback. <a href="http://www.wholesalejerseys...ipping.com" title="wholesale jerseys from china">wholesale jerseys from china</a>

How will Patriots and Brown choose?

The New England Patriots have always been fans of the fans, especially Chinese fans. This year, the Patriots held the first round of the 23rd and 31st round picks, although not the top ten picks, but if you are lucky, you can also choose a very good potential stock. The Patriots were very interested in finding a successor for Brady. After trading Jimmy Gallopolo, the Patriots had no decent backup quarterback except veteran Brian Hoyer. There is no young quarterback. The current two quarterbacks Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph have already rumors with them. Who will be the helper of Brady or the successor of the future patriots? In addition, Patriots have always been the pursuit of cost performance in the draft, Bilishek also worthy of attention in the latter part of Taobao.<a href="http://www.wholesalejerseys...ipping.com" title="wholesale nfl jerseys">wholesale nfl jerseys</a>

In the annual NBA Draft, bad teams tend to take the lead. Last year, the Chicago Bears once traded up and threw the rhythm of the entire draft. All the teams in the league suddenly panicked and were at a loss. Cleveland Brown is undoubtedly the defending champion this year, and also holds the 4th sign and other high quality drafts. Whether they can take Barkley plus a favorite quarterback but also want to make a question mark, the current team has many The positions need to be rebuilt, Brown's choice is worth pondering, to know that they have always been a good offer, or on the night of the draft they will turn the whole moth.<a href="http://www.wholesalejerseys...ipping.com" title="wholesale jerseys from china free shipping">wholesale jerseys from china free shipping</a>

The six quarterbacks are blooming

This year is the quarterback's big year. Only quarterbacks who were selected in the first round are estimated to have at least five players. Plus Mason Rudolph, who is equivocal in the first round, may appear in the first round of the 6th quarterback this year. Vibrant event. Of these six people, Josh Rosen and Sam Danod are expected to take the first three picks, and the remaining Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen can't escape the top-15, notably. It is whether or not Lamar-Jackson flows into Bilicek's pocket. If any team wins love, the remaining Rudolph becomes the only fragrance. <a href="http://www.wholesalejerseys...ipping.com" title="wholesale jerseys china free shipping">wholesale jerseys china free shipping</a>

When did Griffin, the single-armed player choose to go?

Shazim Griffin won fame in the first round of the NFL rookie training camp and won applause and praise from the coach general managers. At the age of four, this linebacker cut off his deformed left hand by surgery because of suffering from amniotic band syndrome. However, he ignored the pain caused by congenital disability and ignored the strange vision of others. He used his efforts to reach out to the world. Explain what constitutes a person with a disability. If not too big an accident, the fans will have the opportunity to see this one-handed heroes in the NFL game in the new season. Then what Griffin took to enter the league and where he would go has become a hot topic for the team.

Regarding the draft, the benevolent sees the wise see wisdom. Some teams, such as the Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles and the Houston Texans, have all gone bankrupt and gambling on their own future. This year coincides with the quarterback's big year. Bill and Cardinals are very eye-catching and it is very likely that they will stage a classic section of Draft Day. At 8 o'clock on the morning of April 27, Beijing time, Tencent Sports is no match for you!<a href="http://www.wholesalejerseys...ipping.com" title="wholesale jerseys free shipping">wholesale jerseys free shipping</a>,<a href="http://www.wholesalejerseys...ipping.com" title="wholesale nfl jerseys from china">wholesale nfl jerseys from china</a>,
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