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Posted 10:28 pm, 05/18/2020

According to the learning situation of the last semester Cheap Cigarettes, before the beginning of the new semester, formulate a detailed study plan for the learning of the new semester, so that the learning can go to the next level. Language: Maintain the current state of learning, keep up with the pace of the teacher's learning, and strive to reach a higher level in grades. Mathematics: Adhere to the "5 minutes of mathematics" every day, and strive to get 100 points in the exam. English: Strengthen listening practice, earnestly complete English homework, and regain a good score of 100 points. Comprehensive: Unbiased subjects, listen carefully, do a good review of textbook knowledge before the exam, and maintain the good results that have been achieved. The specific plan is as follows: Language 1. Prepare to correct the wrong text, record the erroneous new words, words, and test questions in the test, and write again silently at the end of each unit. 2. Extracurricular reading for more than half an hour every day. 3. Stick to writing a diary and prepare your own diary, which is different from the school diary. It is used to write your own words, 2-3 articles per week, persevere. 4. Every Monday, Tuesday mokingusacigarettes.com, Thursday, and Friday, some half-page hard calligraphy in the hard pen calligraphy book. 5. Re-visit the old friend, School Newsletter, enter the school newsletter every Sunday, log in to the composition connection, read one of Xiaocheng Saoyu ��s composition guidance, watch at least two of the classmates ��composition, and write a message and contact Teachers and classmates in the school actively communicate and interact. 6. Write a composition on the blog every two weeks. Mathematics 1. Continue to adhere to the "5 minutes of mathematics" at noon every day, without interruption, to ensure the quality of the questions, and not to be emotional. 2. Prepare the mathematics correction book, record the wrong questions in the homework, mathematics for 5 minutes, and the quiz, and do it again as a unit test. 3. Take the Olympiad class seriously and communicate with the Olympiad teachers and classmates to learn good Olympiad learning methods. 4. You must not let go of the questions that you will not do. Ask your teacher or classmates to understand English completely. 2. Prepare to correct the wrong English, record the errors in the quiz, and recite them repeatedly. 3. Listen to English tapes before going to bed every night. Comprehensive continue to follow the method of the previous semester, starting two weeks before the exam, systematically review the textbook knowledge points every night, do comprehensive questions in the form of oral answers Wholesale Cigarettes, 20 minutes a day. Improve the efficiency of doing homework The first week of school begins, and record in detail the time of homework for each subject. In the second week, do homework for a limited time. On the basis of last week's records, understand your own homework speed, set the time for each section of homework, try to complete within the time, and record the completion. In the third week, adjust the time limit. Make scientific adjustments based on the completion of the homework last week to ensure the quality of each homework while improving the speed, thus preparing for the junior high school to deal with more subjects. Long-term goals 1. Improve your musical accomplishment, re-learn the violin, and persist until you can pull out your favorite jazz music. 2. Stick to rope skipping every day, starting from 50, until you can skip 5 minutes a day.
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