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My hometown is in a beautiful s


Posted 2:50 am, 11/30/2018

My hometown is in a beautiful small mountain village. There are mountains and waters, flowers and grasses... The four seasons are beautiful and the air is fresh. Especially the crystal clear river, which records the fun of my childhood all year round, has all the joy of my childhood.oughout the year, the rivers in my hometown are so beautiful. My friends and I often go to the river to play. It was the happiest time of my life.pring, the wild flowers by the small river are open. I often hold a large bunch of wild flowers and throw them into the small river. I can see the water from the small river and send the flowers to the distance. This situation, at this moment, I will deeply understand what it is called. Footprint. When we met the birthday of a small partner, we went up the mountain to pick a few flowers, saving time, saving money, and meaning deep. The spring river is beautiful.hot summer is, my friends and I often swim in the river, play games, and play in the water. I like to play with water. Because I am tall and strong, I often take the first place. We also often catch fish and shrimp in the small river Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online. The winning products that we catch each time can not only make food, but also play and add a few joys. The summer river is lively Newport Gold Cigarettes.e autumn, the fruit on the fruit trees next to the river is ripe. I often see the fruit fall, and I hear the sound of ��Pak �ˡ�. The scene is beautiful and humorous. The sound is small and beautiful, but I can��t help but think of a story: ��Monsters coming". I still remember that I often take fruit from the water. The fruits that fall are ripe, very sweet, and the river washes Cigarette Tobacco For Sale Online, making it sweeter. The autumn river is sweet.inter, it snowed, the river was frozen into ice, and my friends and I often played on the ice. I went here and looked at it. It was so joyful, thinking about the New Year, I was going to be three feet high Newport Short. The ice on the creek is slippery Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, it is easy to wrestle when you step on it, but I like to wrestle on the ice, because it feels painful and cool, it really has a flavor. The small river in winter is silent.