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Today, the teacher has to take back


Posted 2:52 am, 11/09/2018

Today, the teacher has to take back the text, and many of my classmates are hopping like a little rabbit.e spot check started, and the students who were drawn were basically stuttering, and even lost three, four, Zhang Li, and the students were often teased and laughed! My heart is also "sorrowful and sad", the joy is that the teacher did not report my name, sadly how this class is so long! The teacher's face turned from sunny to cloudy and continued to pull back [url=http://www.cigars-home.com]Carton Of Newports[/url]. good, the teacher pointed out: "Chen--" My heart mentioned the eyes of the blind [url=http://www.sale-cigarettes.com]Marlboro Cigarettes Price[/url], nervous not to gasp, "I haven't!" Huh, thank God, escaped! saw Chen Weizhen��s confident look, stood up and fluently recited the text. And I chanted in the seat: the next one is me.class bell rang and the teacher walked out of the classroom with a face. I took a sigh of relief and stumbled on the chair. it��s so uncomfortable to be so worried. So why did you know that? Inadvertently, I saw an interesting news in the newspaper. The eye-catching title reads "28 days, come witness together." After reading it carefully, I realized that it is a good habit to let the children go through 28 days of special training. I immediately came to the interest and decided to train myself.d to be a girl who was called "Cold-blooded Princess" by my classmates. In the "28-day special training", I worked hard to learn to get along with others. Therefore, whenever I want to reject my classmate's question, I will immediately think of my goal. So I patiently explain and analyze for her. I watched her successfully complete the problem and left happily. I was relieved. Help the classmates to be so happy! Now [url=http://www.cigars-home.com]Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url], I can actively communicate with people [url=http://www.sale-cigarettes.com]Marlboro Menthol 100S[/url], such as "Do you like to read this book? I borrow you [url=http://www.npsmoking.com]Cigarettes For Sale[/url]." "Are you tired? Do you want me to help you?" In this greeting, I feel that I am no longer 28-day special training not only changed my character, but also greatly improved my learning ability. In the special training, I gradually developed the habit of "warming the new and knowing the new". Now, I can raise my hand in class, and I can solve the difficulties in learning independently. The teacher also praises me for this.ays, let me know the truth: you will not be alone if you integrate yourself into the collective. Today, 28 days have passed, and the good habits I have developed will last forever. I believe that I will do better.