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Children's dreams, colorful dreams; childho


Posted 11:18 pm, 07/31/2018

Children's dreams, colorful dreams; childhood songs, joyful songs; childhood footprints and strings; childhood stories." Can this song remind you of a beautiful childhood? In the colorful years, many things happened, not as bright as the stars. My childhood is wonderful, there are many things worth remembhe time I remembered, I had two chickens in my class. When I had time, I went to the big class to see the chickens. I don��t know how long it took Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The two chickens grew older and passed for a long time. The chicken lays the egg, and the chicken hatches the chicken. After 21 days, I can hear the sound of a chicken. I can see the situation and hear the sound. I think the chicken is too pitiful to help the chicken when the hen and the **** are not at home. opportunity finallound food for the little chicken Marlboro Lights, and the mischievous **** was not at home, ran out to play. I didn��t pay attention to picking up an egg, holding it gently in the palm of my hand, saying it in a serious way: ��Don��t be afraid of the chicken, you will come to the world in a while.�� After that, I no longer hesitate. Peeling off an egg, a chicken with residual heat and not opening his eyes, "born", it looked at me and called two words as if to say: "Thank you Marlboro Cigarettes Price, let me come to this world as soon as possible Carton Of Marlboro Reds." "I am happy, and I peeled off the second one. When I peeled off the fourth, the hen came back. When I saw that I was "bullying" the snake, the baby slammed me and suddenly blood flowed. When I came out, I cried and went to look for a big cockroach. I didn��t say anything to me. Instead, I said with a smile: "Little fools, chickens will not be born until certain time! You will give them a birth and die Online Cigarettes." I listened and rushed. Running the chick, the chicks that had just been "successful" were dying, and they were not survived by my "career." I regret very much, but everything is latgh this matter has been going on for a long time, although I am still young and ignorant, this incident has always spurred me, let me go forward and never back.

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