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-cigarettes became popular, there have been


Posted 4:45 am, 09/29/2019

The Science Behind E-Cigarette is Solid Posted by vapouriz on July 31st [url= http://www.thesaintsshoponl...ey/]Marcus Davenport Youth Jersey[/url] , 2012

Ever since e-cigarettes became popular, there have been both positive and negative comments about it. Some claim that the e-cigarettes have not been properly tested and there might be some side-effects which might be more devastating than their conventional counterparts. However, e-cigarette manufacturers have maintained that their products have been properly tested and deemed fit for usage. The only way we can verify that is by understanding the science behind these e cigarettes. Here are some facts.

Composition of the E-Cigarette Vapor

The main cause of worry in the e-cigarettes is the vapor coming from them. The vapor is a substitute for the smoke inhaled from the regular cigarettes and along with the other components which constitute it, the vapor also contains nicotine. The nicotine will be absorbed through the mucosal membrane and passed into the blood stream, thus giving the body its nicotine dose.

The people who oppose e-cigarette believe that this vapor is more harmful than the regular smoke and also the fumes which e-cigarette smokers exhale contain toxic chemicals. The vapor primarily consists of vegetable glycerin [url= http://www.thesaintsshoponl...y/]Michael Thomas Youth Jersey[/url] , propylene glycol, nicotine and flavoring agents which are food based. Propylene glycol is in the category of GRAS, which is short for ‘generally recognized as safe’. This classification has been done by the Food and Drug Administration.

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry has shown that propylene glycol is also a non-irritating substance and registered it in the year 2008. The UNEP Publications also show that it will not cause any sort of sensitization. Furthermore, there is no evidence which supports the claims stating that it is genotoxic (causes genetic modification) or carcinogenic (cancer causing).

The Other Components in The Vapor

The other main ingredient in the vapor is the vegetable glycerin. This viscous liquid is odorless and colorless, and is extensively used in many pharmaceutical products like cough syrups [url= http://www.thesaintsshoponl...rsey/]Drew Brees Youth Jersey[/url] , expectorants, etc. It is also present in some of the products which we consume on a daily basis and till date, there has been nothing reported about it being harmful to health.

Excess Nicotine in Exhaled Vapor

The last and the final concern for people against e cigarettes is the residual nicotine in the exhaled vapor. Tests conducted have revealed that there is no measurable trace of nicotine, which means that it effectively does not contain nicotine. It is almost entirely absorbed by the mucosal membrane.

This effectively proves that electronic cigarettes are in fact safer alternative to conventional cigarettes.

About the Author:

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