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ctose corn syrup which is the primary ingredient in most refined foods. But, if


Posted 2:13 am, 09/11/2018

In 1850 [url= http://www.authenticbrownss...html]Larry Ogunjobi Youth Jersey[/url] , the typical American consumed about twenty pounds of sugar every year. Today, the typical American consumes 141 pounds of sugar (a refrigerator-full) annually. The 2011 USDA estimates the average American consumes two tons of sugar in a lifetime. Yep, that’s per person.

Most of this sugar originates from high fructose corn syrup which is the primary ingredient in most refined foods. But, if you read the nutrition labels, you’ll immediately observe that sugar is either added or exists organically (such as in dairy and fruit) in over 80% of the produce in the store. Soda pop, juice drinks, milk [url= http://www.authenticbrownss...html]David Njoku Youth Jersey[/url] , and pure fruit juice are the leading sources of sugar from drinks.

Your body can’t tell the difference between fructose from oranges, lactose from cheese, galactose from carrots, or sucrose from maple syrup. Due to the fact that their molecular structures are nearly identical, these saccharides are all metabolized by your body in the exact same way. Furthermore, all fruit and starchy carbohydrates such as grains, legumes [url= http://www.authenticbrownss...ml]Jabrill Peppers Youth Jersey[/url] , corn, and potatoes, will quickly get converted into glucose in the blood. According to Harvard Health Publications, pizza, mashed potatoes, raisins, popcorn [url= http://www.authenticbrownss...html]Myles Garrett Youth Jersey[/url] , and Grape Nuts (a supposed “health food”) all have a glycemic index (glucose = 100) above 70 which is 15 points higher than a Snickers bar. Fructose (from corn and fruit) is one of the worst kinds of sugar because it’s very glycating which can be very damaging to your arteries. A spiked glycemic index brought on by the intake of these starchy foods eventually leads to insulin resistance and candida overgrowth.

Insulin is a pancreatic hormone that helps the body metabolize blood glucose by binding with receptors on cells (much like a key fits snugly into a lock). Once the insulin hormone has “unlocked the door” into the cell and glucose is inserted, it is then either burned for fuel or stored as fat in the form of glycogen. Every time you consume excessive sugar, the pancreas has to produce an unnaturally high amount of insulin which eventually becomes toxic to the cells. Eventually, the cells need a break from the insulin onslaught. So, what does your Intelligent Body do to counterbalance this? Well, it downgrades the number of receptors so that the cells don’t have to receive the insulin as often. This insulin resistance leads to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure [url= http://www.authenticbrownss....html]Nick Chubb Youth Jersey[/url] , anxiety, hypoglycemia, ADHD, and systemic candida.

In the gut, the ratio of “unfriendly” bacteria to “friendly” bacteria is about 15% to 85% in a healthy body. However, when you base your diet on foods and drinks that are high in starch, the Intelligent Body compensates by shifting from an oxygenation process to a fermentation process. And Voila! Your gut gets altered into a yeast manufacturing plant that yields billions of candida albicans every time you eat a plate of pasta or half a banana. You’ve just added yourself to the every-increasing trend of people who are unsuspectedly addicted to sugar.

Besides sugar [url= http://www.authenticbrownss...tml]Austin Corbett Youth Jersey[/url] , it is smart to stay away from all artificial sweeteners like saccharin and sucralose. Studies have shown them to cause fast weight gain (despite their zero calorie claims), increase your risk for cancer, and have been linked to numerous other diseases. The only sweetener I’ve found to be safe is pure Stevia (no ingredients added).

Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a alternative Wellness Coach who founded Sunlighten and also co-founded Sunlight Day Spa; two holistic health companies dedicated to far-infrared heat therapy, sound therapy, and massage therapy. His particular Wellness Coaching practice encompasses infrared sauna purification, upper cervical care, and following an alkaline-forming [url= http://www.authenticbrownss...tml]Denzel Ward Youth Jersey[/url] , nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich, gluten-free diet.

Football is truly the National American sport. Everyone loves it, from your best friend, to your uncle. Even your pet loves to join in the fun during football night with you and the rest of the family.

College Football games are just as famous and exciting as its pro brother, the NFL games. The college football season is starting in less than a month away, and everyone is excited. Since September is fast approaching [url= http://www.authenticbrownss...html]Baker Mayfield Youth Jersey[/url] , you may have started placing your bets as early as now. College football picks is a favorite topic, whether you re an amateur or a professional bettor. You usually support and bet on your college s team, or if you are a serious gambler, get college football handicapping services for game predictions and insider information. These services are plenty and not hard to find in the net, thus it is obvious that there is great demand for them.

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