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"People only admire her current bright,


Posted 11:18 pm, 07/31/2018

"People only admire her current bright, but at first its bud, soaked in the tears of struggle, sprinkled the blood rain of sacrifice." When I watered my dreams with sweat, the seeds had already sprouted and grew in my heaream, and everyone's dreams are different. Some want to be scientists, some want to be physicists... and I have a dream. My dreams are not ambitious. I just want to be a person who learns to be rich in five cars and who is highly talented to impart his talents to others in a temple full of knowledge. We must know that "teachers are a living link between the past and the future. Its cause, on the surface, is rehabilitated, but it is one of the greatest undertakings in history Marlboro Menthol 100S." So this is a glorious dream, this is a A happy thing. I will implement it without hesitation. I will work hard towards my dreams, reading and reading every day, that is, using the sweat to water the seeds of my heart, the seeds will slowly turn into grass and become a towering tree Carton Of Newports. I believe that one day I will appear in that beautiful hall. You know, I have had a lot of ups and downs in this. Listen to me one by one. One to Saturday, that is my happiest day! Because I can go to the library again in the afternoon. I flew into the library. Here is really a sea of ??books! I can see that all kinds of books are dazzling. I picked up Hemingway's novel "The Old Man and the Sea" and sat in a chair and looked at God. I looked and watched as if I had walked into the world of the book and traveled with the protagonist. Unconsciously, it was already four o'clock in the afternoon. "Hurry up, let the staff go to work after a while," my mother urged me to say. "No, look at it later." I whispered reluctantly. "Let's go, boy, really should go!" "Oh, look at it again."... After some fierce "gunfire" attack, I really can't fight my mother Marlboro Cigarettes Price. I had to put the book back in place and reluctantly left Marlboro Gold Pack. Before leavingd a lot of jokes. One of them was that at noon one day ago, because my mother was in poor health, I volunteered to make instant noodles. In fact, the instant noodles are very simple, put the cake in the bowl; then spread the seasoning on the cake; finally, pour the water and cover it. When I was waiting for the noodles, I felt very bored, and I took a book that I borrowed from the library and looked at it. Just as I saw the most exciting place, suddenly my mother��s voice came from my ear: ��Daughter, it��s been a long time, why don��t you eat?�� ��Yah! My noodles!�� I just returned to God. Come, hurriedly dropped the book and ran over to see that the noodles in the bowl were soaked and the soup was cold Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. My mother still comforted me with a sigh of relief: "It doesn't matter, it's not bad." I looked at my mother and smiled embarrassedly. I believe that my dream will come true one day, because I am using sweat to make my dreams

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