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Pressure Washer for Home Use


Posted 11:49 pm, 03/20/2020

Previously, maintaining the cleanliness of houses, gardens, and vehicles was a difficult task which consumed much energy and time for those who undertook such tasks. How many times in the past did you find yourself wet from head to toe while cleaning your car? You had no choice but to leave your gutter full of mud and your roof packed with dirt, because it was impossible to clean!

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However, with the invention of pressure washers in 1926, all those difficult tasks have become easier and easier with more advanced technology. Maybe should take a quick look at the history of the pressure washer for those who are curious about how it was invented.

History of pressure washer

Who makes the best pressure washer? An American named Frank Woldert II, who at that time was an employee of a gas-fired water heaters and boilers company was also a maker of whiskey picks. Very interestingly, the invention of pressure washer was an accident, when Frank was working on a whiskey still. He noticed that the pressure of steam through a small hose cleaned the grease off the garage floor. Not stopping there, he went on to create a cleaning part that could mix the steam with soap, making the cleaning more effective.

It was quite amazing that this pressure washing invention was integrated into the washing machines, and become more famous during the years with this function, rather than pressure washers themselves. But it was only from the 1980s onwards that changes and improvements were utilized, in line with fewer legal restrictions on the usage of pressure washers. Today, the Power washer for home use has become very popular and is used for diverse purposes.

Must-know awareness when using pressure washing machines

As it produces such a powerful water pressure, this machine can be quite dangerous and needs caution when using. No kids should be playing around when you use this machine, as the strong pressure could easily blow away small kids, or even adults, causing damage and injuries. Also, debris or dirt can be expelled at a very high speed and may injure nearby people. Therefore, you should use it with extreme caution, wear safety goggles, and above all operate it carefully. You should not wear earphones while using it, as you cannot hear people talking nearby, thus, cannot take timely action in case of an incident.

Top brands in this industry

Walking around supermarkets, you could find yourself lost with so many brands and hundreds of models. Every brand advertises itself as the Best pressure washer on the market, with all most impressive terms that could make buyers very confused. With our experience in the field as well as from buyers' reviews, we want to give you some popular and trustful brands of heavy duty pressure washers for your consideration. Those are Katcher, Sun Joe, Greenworks, Champion, Simpson, AR Annovi Reverberi, Briggs & Stratton, Generac, Stanley. All these brands have appeared since the inception of the pressure washer industry and produce many models that have proved to be quality pressure washers. Regarding electric pressure washers, you can trust models by Sun Joe, Katcher, Greenworks, Ar Annovi Reverberi, Briggs & Stratton, Stanley, and the remaining brands are gas-running machines.

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We hope that with this short article, you could have a general understanding of the history of pressure washers, some must-have basic awareness when using, as well as some popular brands in the field that you could rely on.

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