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Posted 4:21 am, 08/29/2018

Went in looking for some boots, the sales rep was reluctant to help but when she did she was not very helpful, I had to suggest the idea of her doing a search of their inventory to see if any other store had the boots in stock she walked away came back 5 minutes later stating that she did and no one had them. A few days later I happen to be near the Coach in Westfield, NJ, I went in to ask for the boots on the off chance they have them, they didn but the sales rep was more than happy to search their inventory to see if she could find them in another store and sure enough she did the search and found them for me. Customer service is key and this store has horrible service!!!!.

The gentleman said: to whom? Lady said: Everyone in the shop. Gentleman said: why? Let them do it. Well at that time, the store only have 3 4 customers include me, and only me took the pics, so Coach Outlet Store Online I guess she is talking about me. Please note, if an item or the item packaging for a customer error return is missing, incomplete, has been opened or tampered with in any Coach Diaper Bag way, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THE RETURN. Items must be in a resalable pristine condition as Brand New, Unopened, Never Used. Do not return items in any other state as we will refuse the return request and the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs of the item (if you choose to reclaim the item). Coach Outlet Online

I have had to utilize the services of other shoe repair shops in and around the neighborhoods of downtown and my residence, and have never been satisfied with their work. Even the shine job. Only lasted a day or two. The girls are really helpful and friendly too. They know the store like the back of their hand. When I was in a hurry I just told one of them what I was looking for and they knew just where to find it.

I ask can you add hot water?. But I not Jessica. I have an appt with Jessica, I explain. If Mrs. K has taught me anything, it that Coach is the brand in handbags and purses. So any time I spot a Coach store, even if I not with her, I pop in and take a look around.

Had a horrible experience with this pawn shop. I came in with a Michael Kors bag, a coach bag, a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses, a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, two Alex and Ani bracelets, along with a pandora bracelet. The older gentlemen right away wanted nothing to do with the bracelets (fair enough) but when he asked me how much I was looking to get out of it I simply asked for an estimate because I wanted to also see what other places were to offer me (boy did he change his attitude.) After I had said that he pushed the items back towards me and said, why don you just go do that and come back.

While in the dress department with her I noticed how we were never asked if we needed help. I would assume that a dad with his 16 year old daughter looked out of sorts and a simple I help you find something might have gone a long way as they flitted past us doing work The two women there were obviously long time employees and as such, showed robot like action and came across as bitter to me and my daughter. Closing one of the fitting Coach Outlet Store rooms, closest to the mall exit, at 8:30 Coach Outlet Online Store pm.

I long suffered with ETNM taste, no money Birds and belles has been part of my treatment plan Coach Outlet Online since moving to Denver. It a pretty good selection of clothes from professional clothes to flashy fancy. And compared to other consignment or resale shops, you can tell that most if not all are meticulously inspected to make sure you buying quality on the cheap.