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FRANCK MULLER 8005 K CC NR Conquistador Chronograph Date Replica Watch


Posted 12:59 am, 02/03/2020

Richard Miller RM 52-06 Tourbillon Mask Watch

The perfect timepiece for Halloween? Inspired by the RM 052 tourbillon skull introduced in 2012, Richard Mille has introduced a new limited edition timepiece RM 52-06 tourbillon mask. When it comes to metaphysical interpretations, new clocks give you the freedom to use your imagination. The new RM 52-06 tourbillon mask is only available in the Richard Mille boutique in the US and is limited to 18 examples of all four case materials: all CarbonTPT®, all QuartzTPT®, blue and white QuartzTPT®, red and white Quartz TPT ®.

Richard Mille, a watch brand founded in 2001, is a relatively new company. However, this Swiss-based company has achieved remarkable results in less than two decades, providing well-known timepieces, representing a new twist in luxury. . The company is also known for its technological innovation and creative use of cutting-edge materials, including the launch of QuartzTPT®, co-developed with NTPT (Northern Thin Layer Technology).

The new RM 52-06 tourbillon mask is the latest tribute to the company's exuberant design spirit, it is a bit like the early RM 052 tourbillon skull. Franck Muller Conquistador replica watches

As you may recall, the limited edition tourbillon skull came out in 2012. It features a base plate and a bridge in the form of a skull, while the back of the skull is the central bridge of the movement. The tourbillon cage ruby ​​is exposed on the upper and lower jaws, and the entire mechanism is connected to the case through four bridges, reminiscent of the familiar cross-bone design.

The mask is made of PVD-treated grade 5 titanium or platinum and is fully integrated with the movement. The back of the mask acts as a central bridge.

Tourbillon masks re-examine similar technical and allegorical themes in a new way.

The core signature curve of the RM 52-06 tourbillon movement makes it one of the most mysterious movements. Has anyone seen luchador, kabuki mask, superhero or even gladiator helmet? According to company literature, each eye will see its own reflection in RM 52-06, almost like a Rorschach test. luxury replica watches

The surrealist mask (using titanium or platinum treated with PVD) is fully integrated into the movement, acting as a wheel train and tourbillon bridge, while the back of the mask acts as a central bridge. A bottom plate made of a grade 5 titanium alloy extends the mask's lines to the shell. The movement has a central time zone and minutes function, and has a power reserve of about 42 hours.

The limited edition tourbillon mask collection includes 18 watches in three triple cases: CarbonTPT®; quartz TPT®; blue and white quartz TPT®; and red and white QuartzTPT®. (TPT stands for Thin Layer Technology.) The case dimensions are 49.94mm x 42mm x 16.15mm, and the front and rear are made of sapphire crystal. As mentioned earlier, the use of high-tech materials is one of the hallmarks of Richard Mille timepieces and is often inspired by aviation, Formula One racing and even medicine, such as Tier 5 titanium. Its tourbillon watch can hold up to 1,000 parts in a case that is only 45 mm thick.

Richard Mille also offers a variety of lovely ladies' works, often using more feminine images and gems in their structure. The RM 19-01 Tudor Spider, for example, uses a gem setting arthropod as part of the movement. Its belly supports the tourbillon bridge, and its legs support two barrels. By using a spider web as a constructive theme, then decorate the floor and inlaid with hundreds of black sapphires. http://www.chronowrist.ru