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New Challenges For Path Of Exile's Most Hardcore Players


Posted 11:23 pm, 04/16/2018

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Posted 11:23 pm, 04/16/2018

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Posted 2:05 am, 03/28/2018

The new league and 3.0 came to Path of Exile two weeks ago. We’ve discussed the new content to death, and it deserves it. The Fall of Oriath expansion is excellent, and it brought quite a few new players in. Many streamers have tried out [url= https://www.u4gm.com...exile/]poe trade currency[/url] for the first time and fallen in love, and player counts have never been higher.

But what about the league itself? Fall of Oriath was great, but how is Harbinger faring? Unfortunately, not nearly as well. The mechanics are interesting, but poorly executed. Enough so that a patch fixing them has already been released. But will it be enough to save Harbinger?

The Harbinger league adds new mobs and mechanics to maps. The Harbingers themselves are similar to Breaches, but smaller and less chaotic. Harbingers cannot be targeted, although they will attack you occasionally. When you find a Harbinger as you wander the world of Wraeclast, they’ll have a blue pack near them " kill the blue pack and it’ll summon mobs. Each time you kill one of the mobs that spawn, the Harbinger’s life goes down until it’s dead. Once you’ve slain the beast, you’ll get shards of different currencies as a reward.

As far as the fighting itself goes, I love Harbingers. They are a bit slow sometimes, but for the most part it’s exciting to have mobs popping up around you, especially when you can make them explode. Mechanics that add more density to the maps in [url= https://www.u4gm.com...exile/]poe orbs buy[/url] are always fun. Harbinger like a less dangerous, more relaxed Breach. Sure, it might be less exciting than Breach, but it’s still a solid idea.

The real issue with Harbinger mobs is the reward. Breaches are high-risk, high-reward, with you killing up to a few hundred mobs in a few seconds while taking incredible amounts of damage. Harbinger packs present some danger and a few dozen enemies, but the rewards are nearly nonexistent.

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