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Ovulation Calculator for a boy and Increase Your Chances of Conceiving a Boy


Posted 4:44 am, 12/06/2018

It's right that in some nations babies are more familiar, with hospitals openly advertising their completion rates. Though the issues of power over biology, best assignment service kind of there involvement and expectations which may be on the child's need to be thought about by origins very thoroughly in approach.


Posted 3:02 am, 12/06/2018

If you and your partner make a plan to having a baby boy then there are plenty of reasons that you should focus. These reasons include:

Timing of intercourse


Sexual positions

You should know about the exact date of ovulation which also helps you to conceive a baby boy, there is a various online ovulation calculator that track your ovulation days.

What is an ovulation calculator?

The ovulation calculator predicts that when you are most likely to ovulate, this helps you to get pregnant very quickly. Ovulation takes place once each month; ovulation is a process in which an ovary of woman releases an egg. An [url= https://calculator-online.n...]Ovulation calculator for a boy[/url] estimates your ovulation day and when you are most likely to fertile. All the ovulation calculation based on your menstrual cycle and the basic assumption for calculation is that your menstrual cycle should regular.

There are some stunning ways that will increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy:

Intercourse and Ovulation:

You and your partner do not start sexual intercourse for a week before the ovulation period. This is quite an effective way that helps the male sperm carrying boy genes to get to the egg first and giving you a baby boy.

Vaginal pH:

The vaginal pH level is acidic or alkaline levels. When you want to conceive a baby boy then you should create an alkaline environment in the vagina. The male sperm carrying boy gene is more effective to survive in alkaline than in an acidic environment. Alkaline level of a woman will quite effective for the male sperm that carrying boy genes. The alkaline level will be increased by consuming foods high in sodium and potassium.

There are some foods that include alkaline:






Sexual positions:

There is also another suggestion about the deep penetration during this a sperm start out closer to the egg and also allow the sperm carrying boy gene a head start in the phase of how to conceiving a baby boy. A shettles method recommended rear-entry sexual positions while learning how to conceive a boy.

Woman orgasm:

Having a woman orgasm is most important, when she has an orgasm then the body makes the environment more alkaline, which is quite effective and assist the sperm carrying boy genes.

Sperm count

You should take feasible steps to increase your sperm count, as shettles also recommended that high sperm count helps you with how to conceive a baby boy. You should promote sperm growth by wearing loose underwear, and whenever trying to conceive a baby boy, should have warm showers.

Caffeine before intercourse

You should start drink caffeine before sexual intercourse. You should start with a great cup of coffee and also there are various caffeinated beverages. Caffeine helps you in a tremendous way to conceive a baby boy, it boost the sperm up and charge up the body sperm for sexual intercourse.