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This is going to be the big reveal for Fire


Posted 3:38 am, 10/18/2018

For Honor's upcoming expansion currently has some considerable hype. Using a brand new For Honor game mode and four new personalities, it's a significant step forward for Ubisoft's fighter. According to Oct. 16, it's the largest content upgrade to come to the For Honor game so far. Marching Fire also offers a significant change to gear stats and a few new maps. The actual tease FH Steel Credits, however, is unquestionably the guarantee of next-level aesthetics. Let us face it looks are important to the FH community. Players spend, normally, just as much time in the customization menu as they do playing real matches. So when the devs announce they're finally revealing the expansion armor, you can wager your gladius that everybody's watching. That was not all that they needed to say, though!

From Oct. 4 -- 11, there is a Duel Showdown. Warriors are encouraged to log in and straight off with their fellow fighters. This mode resembles Ranked Duel, except that your equipment stats matter and there is no penalty for losing. Players may win ornaments for their effort too. There's also a Dueling Warrior Challenge from Oct. 5 -- 8, where each faction has to compete for dominance. Ubisoft promises that this is going to be the big reveal for Fire. Everything showcased from the previous months will probably come together. What a celebration, eh?

There's also a championship and Ranked Vanquisher occasion running Oct. 12 -- 15. This will be the first recorded event for the brand new For Honor game style. After that is a seasonal event, which looks promising. October promises to be a big month for the For Honor community.

So what's the armor such as?

Thus far, every enthusiast has had helmets and masks obscuring their facial features. Heroes finally have full-face armor, and so far it looks pretty great.

The amount of memes and quotations are tantamount to this. Evidently, Ubisoft did not neglect us. Covered in gold ornaments with his trademark masks, he's never looked better.

Raider also comes with For Honor Items a very welcome change. Among the greatest criticisms of Norse media has become a longstanding one -- that the horned helmet item. Vikings have no proof in history of ever wearing horned helmets. Even though Warlord, Berserker, and the remainder do not suffer from this, Raider definitely did. As evidenced from the Warrior's Den display, Ubisoft's finally dropped the horns. In his new armor, Raider appears far nearer to a traditional Viking than ever before.