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How Can You Level Alts Fast in Classic WoW May-19-2020


Posted 5:37 am, 06/22/2020

During Vanilla's initial release, it seemed impossible to have multiple top-level characters. The leveling process is very difficult. Especially compared to the present in Retail WoW, players can use ancestral items and LFG tools. However, in classic games, wow gold players have developed many innovative products, reaching 60 levels at an alarming rate. There are still many ways to increase efficiency. Here are tips and wow classic gold to help level your next alt insanely fast.

Use Reputation Turn Ins

The last levels of the most classic World of Warcraft are the most difficult. Fortunately, at level 50, all cloth check-ins can be performed in the capital. By turning in 60 wool, 60 silk, 60 magic patterns and 60 runes, you can earn 12,200 XP points. There are a total of four Cloth Quartermasters in the two factions, and the total XP can reach 48,800 with just a few gold.

This does not make you reach 60, but you will spend a lot of time in the capital ’s auction house or training class, so please take a few seconds to stop Cloth Quartermaster. There is a reusable version of Runecloth, but XP is not provided. There are also some tasks related to Morrowgrain, which will allow you to obtain a considerable portion of the initial XP, and account for about 560 XP in subsequent tasks.

Swim Speed Potions

Swim Speed Potions are a cheap consumable that can increase the swimming speed by 100% in 20 seconds. Maybe they are unnecessary. But for our non-Druids in Azeroth, they make areas like Stranglethorn Vale and Wetlands easier to cross.

It allows clever shortcuts across lakes and rivers. No longer need to be careful around the coastline! These will not affect or destroy your experience, but if you find yourself often troubled by water, then this may be a good supplement.

Always Use Rested XP

Always log your character off in an inn or a capital city. Everyone knows that killing 200% of the extra XP is valuable. But this does not stop many of us from being at a loss.

Every time you travel to a new mission area, please set a fire in a local hotel. It's worth it. If you want to make full use of Rested XP, please adjust multiple characters at the same time.

Pre-Purchase Quest Items

Several tasks in World of Warcraft Classic require specific items to be handed in. Thankfully, many can be purchased at the auction house. For example, the Moonsteel Broadsword, Frost Oil, a Gyrochronatom, a Healing Potion, a Lesser Invisibility Potion, Patterned Bronze Bracers, a Mithril Casing, Blue Pearls, Silk Cloth, Thorium Bars, a Golden Rod, Hi-Explosive Bombs, and Unstable Triggers are tribe All the items needed to complete the mission with the Alliance.

There are also several faction-specific tasks in which cheap wow classic gold and items can also be purchased. The items on hand can increase the leveling speed while reducing the running amount. We recommend that you purchase them first and then place these items in your replacement mailbox until you are ready to use them.

Understand XP Penalties

For those interested in mathematics, many formulas affect the number of XPs that kill mobs. There are solo and group XP modifiers. In the simplest terms, if ungrouped players in your faction can help you kill the mob, you can get all or a small amount of experience based on their level. If helpers can get XP from the mob, they will help you kill them, then you will get the full XP. Therefore, at level 30, if the level 39 player helps you kill the mob, you will not be punished. If the player's level is 40, you will be heavily penalized. As mentioned above, the XP Solo Modifier does not seem to apply cross-faction.

When playing in groups, XP is assigned to each newly added player. If a mob gives 100 XP when killed alone, it will only reward 50 XP in a group of 2 and 20 XP in a group of 5. However, for groups of 3 or more, there will also be an XP multiplier. Groups of 3 get 39% Lone XP, groups of 4 get 33%, groups of 5 get 28%. Knowing the multiplier can help you make a wise choice and make it worthwhile to increase the lethality of being hit by XP.

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