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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


Posted 3:14 am, 04/12/2021

1. Product Introduction:
Comfort is what you'll get with the Blood Pressure Measuring Device, which has a soft fabric cuff that is easy to use. The large digital LCD screen also makes it a cinch to read and record your blood pressure results. The cuff can be plugged into an outlet or outfitted with batteries to use away from home.
2. Product Specification锛?/strong>
Product NameDigital Wrist blood pressure heart rate monitor
Response TimeAbout 60 seconds
Memorydouble 90 sets of memory
Display ModelDigital liquid crystal display
LCD Size38*45mm
Measurement RangePressure Range:20 to 280 mmHg;
Pulse Range:40 to 165 beats/minute;
AccuracyPressure :卤 3mmHg (卤 0.4KPa );
Pulse:卤 5%;
Cuff size13.5cm-19.5cm
Package Size98*98*98mm(L x W x H)
Gross weight240g
Battery3V;2*AAA battery
CTN qty100pcs/ctn
CTN Dimension49*49*40cm
3. Product Features
1. Fully Automatic / Oscillometric method.
2. WHO blood pressure classification Indicator
3. Irregular Heart Rate detection
4. Extra large screen (LCD size: 44*36 mm)
5. Live Voice talking system.( English, Spanish, Portuguese ,German,French,
Italian,Greek,Farsi,Turkish, Russian, Arabic,Thai,Vietnamese and multi-language are available)
6. Clear button
7. 90 Memories(single style);60+60 Memories(double style)
8. Date\time display.
9. Kpa \mmHg unit convertion.
10. Auto off after 1 minute w/o any operation
11. Single/Double style for choice.
12. Approved certifications: ISO: 13485: 2003, CE0413,FDA510k, RoHS.
13. Power Supply :DC Batteries(1.5V*2 AAA)
4. Product Details:
Useful Tips for Safe and Accurate Blood Pressure Monitoring at Home
鈼?Always measure your blood pressure at the same time of the day to ensure comparability of the readings
鈼?If possible - measure your blood pressure twice daily - in the morning and in the evening
鈼?Take note of your readings - systolic and diastolic values and your pulse with date and time of the measurements
鈼?Relax for 5 minutes before taking the measurements
鈼?If you need to repeat the measurement - wait 5 minutes before taking successive reading
鈼?The readings are for your personal awareness - however, you must also discuss these with your doctor!
鈼?Monitoring blood pressure at home is not a substitute for your medical consultations, medical examinations and medical advice!
鈼?At no account you must make your own medical decisions, such as discontinuing or changing daily doses of medication prescribed by your doctor!
鈼?If you suffer with chronic or acute vascular disease, use upper arm blood pressure monitors in preference to the wrist type monitors!
鈼?If your monitor regularly comes up with an error message - test it on another person to exclude possibility of a mechanical fault. If thereafter your measurements continue to show error consistently - consult your medical practitioner or a nurse as the measuring error may signal underlying health problems that preclude the unit from carrying out readings. Such problems include hypotension (low blood pressure), cardiac arrhythmia, irregularities in blood circulation and other problems that you may not be aware of and that may require medical attention.
鈼?If in any doubt or if you are worried about your blood pressure or your health in general - consult your doctor immediately! Untreated and uncontrolled high blood pressure is dangerous!
5. Product Qualification:
This model Blood Pressure Measuring Device have approved by Medical CE , FDA510K, RoHS certificates:
6. Quality Control:
鈼?Strict quality control,
鈼?4 times function test,
鈼?Quality supervision involves each procedure ,
鈼?QC pass rate more than 97%
7. Package and Shipping:
1.)FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for sample, door to door service
2)By air or by sea for mass production, please advice airport/destination port
3.)Customers specifying freight forwarder or negotiable shipping methods.
Questions Asked About Blood Pressure
鈼?What is blood pressure?
The heart is a small but very powerful pump that beats steadily. The pressure created by the heart to pump the blood through the blood vessels is called blood pressure.鑱絎hen the heart muscle contracts, the blood surges through the arteries - this is when the systolic (upper) blood pressure value occurs. The diastolic (lower) value is the resting pressure before the heart contracts again.
鈼?nbsp;What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?
The trouble with high blood pressure is that usually, there are no symptoms. The best idea is to ask your doctor for a check-up and use a personal blood pressure monitor to monitor it between the formal check ups by your doctor.
鈼?nbsp;What are the long term risks of high blood pressure?
Without treatment, high blood pressure can lead to numerous health problems, such as heart attacks, circulatory problems and kidney failure. High blood pressure is also one of the most common causes of strokes.
鈼?nbsp;What causes high blood pressure?
Many factors linked to modern living. Among the most common are obesity, high consumption of alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise and the stress of modern life. High blood pressure can also be hereditary.
鈼?nbsp;What can I do to lower my blood pressure?
Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruit, fresh vegetables, potatoes and rice. Avoid animal fats and use less salt. Try to drink less alcohol and exercise more. If you smoke, stop. If needed, your doctor can prescribe suitable medication.
鈼?nbsp;How accurate are personal blood pressure monitors?
Extremely accurate, assuming they have been correctly calibrated and clinically validated, such as Beurer Blood Pressure Monitors or Omron Blood Pressure Monitors.
鈼?nbsp;Upper arm or wrist type monitor?
Both types of blood pressure monitors give accurate and reliable results. Upper arm blood pressure monitors are more traditional and are perfect for home use. Wrist blood pressure monitors are compact and more practical for use during travel.Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
website: http://www.ctacare.com/bloo...e-monitor/

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