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Getting jumped.


Posted 11:38 am, 10/26/2016

Hi, im not sure if these types of topics come up often on this thread but I had been lurking on the mma forum for a while with no account so I thought I may aswell try here. (PS. This is a long story, I'm sorry, but I appreciate those who take the time to read it.)

So anyways a few years ago I got brutally attacked by 2 ****s and physically I came out alright but on the mental side of things it's always messed with me.

The story begins one Saturday night hanging about with some people and waiting for others to arrive, I was with my friend from school at the time and he decided to go back to his house for a while to get some beer but luckily at around this time my other friends had showed up, there was only 2 of them and something didn't seem right. As soon as I seen them one was saying to the other "come on it will be fine" and the other wasn't for having it and went the opposite direction.
I got a weird reading of this situation so I went with my friend who said "it will be fine." And he we walked to what was a very large group of people, I asked what was going on and he just said "There's going to be a fight", not telling me who was fighting or where the fight was going to be, mainly didn't tell me who was going to be involved, we got closer and in this group was like 2-3 people I knew and get along with so I thought it would be all good.
The friend I'm with is talking to this scummy as **** looking dude and they're having a weird conversation, I'm sort of just watching them talking, trying to figure out what they're talking about, there was a younger kid in the large group and apparently he had a bump on his head so things started to get tense (I still don't know what the **** was going on by this point.) The scumbag says to my friend "What's your name?", 'Nathan' he responds. Turns to me, same question. I tell him my name (first interaction I had with the guy.), he turns to look at his group, then turns back and fires a very hard headbutt into the bridge of my nose, it was all so sudden. I went stumbling back holding my nose, and as my balance was lost he grabs my legs and takes my feet out from under me. So there I am lying on my back (I think I was being kicked while I was down but honestly it all happened so quick its hard to piece together.)
I get up and start shouting 'WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING!?, the chimp I was attacked by starts screaming back at me, while this is happening I'm getting punched from behind and I hear one of their mates saying "Paul **** sake let them have a 1 on 1", I come back with "What the **** I don't even want to fight!", the guy who headbutted me then starts walking towards me, I walk backwards and raise my fist hoping he'd **** off or if he tries to attack me again I could hit him.
Somehow there was a break in this encounter but I'm still being attacked by 'Paul', I turn to face him and I'm still backing off from their group, as I'm backing off hes throwing punches at me, I'm returning with a few of my own but I'm still retreating, after I punched him 3 or 4 times there was a break between us, so my first thought (which I don't like) is to turn and run. So they obviously seen this as a weakness, went after my ***, got a hold of me and gave me a beating shouting stuff like "YOU LIKE BEATING UP WEE KIDS?". I'm very confused through it all but after my beating was done I pieced together that the kid with the bump on his head must have been linked to the jumping, so they must have thought I beat the kid up when I really didn't. I didn't even know these guys.

As said before I came out physically alright, some bruised on my head, nose bled a bit. But the mental scars are worse, I feel like I should have done more, maybe its just the male mentality speaking but I wish instead of shouting "I dont even want to fight" I should have shouted 'Lets ****ing go'. It was the lack of willingness to get back at them.

That said I am a logical thinker, I was completely blind sided and it was a 2 on 1 + they had more mates with them. I know escaping a dangerous situation will keep you safe but yeah, somehow I feel like I should have been more savage. I've seen people fight multiple people before, they weren't blind sided but they still fought back so stuff like that makes me wonder what my next encounter with somebody will be like.

Again, a very big thanks to all those who took the time out to read this post. I know it's long as ****, but I'm just hoping there's people out there who knows how it is.