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I can't fight. My body freezes up and I feel sick and scared.


Posted 7:12 pm, 03/07/2016

The fear you experience is primal and the only way to shed yourself of it is through conditioning....particularly desensitization through exposure. I suggest start training in Brazilian jiu jitsu. Start learning and sparring with ppl that are better than you. You will get submitted regularly. But persist and you will gain their respect and they will start showing you things. As you gain confidence, you will slowly start being desensitized to confrontation and you will shed your fear of it. I suggest jiu jitsu because you can submit an opponent larger and stronger without bloody and brutal violence. As you shed your fear of ppl you will become less of a target.


Posted 3:48 pm, 02/11/2016


I'm not gonna lie I'm not a fighter, I literally just signed up here because it's a last resort and I can't solve my problem.

Today I was in McDonalds and some street kid who was about 2 inches taller than me and a few years older than me (I'm 17) started threatening a homeless man with no reason. I was not involved with this whatsoever but even just watching him being aggressive or threatening made me feel sick, made me freeze up and shake.

I've been beaten up a lot in the past. Why? For that exact reason. I freeze up and feel sick and weak at the knees. If a confrontation is planned by someone against me then I always tell myself before 'It won't happen this time be a man you want to beat the **** out of him' or after I will say 'Now he's confronted you it will be fine it won't happen next time' and I'll be really eager before or after but right at a point of confrontation I ****ing freeze and go weak at the knees.

I watch 100's of videos and articles on this and I don't know how to fix it for me, if anyone here can tell me what they would've done if they weren't a pro fighter and how they overcame fear. My real fear is that If I do get the courage to actually fight my constant fear will let an opponent get the better of me anyway...

This is how it's been for years and now people just walk all over me. I couldn't even protect my girlfriend if I had to. I just wish it could be like when I play fight with someone, when I have a pretend fight with my cousin like on a trampoline I will not stop trying unless I have an asthma attack and I win. But in a real confrontation I feel sick.

Someone please help... I'm gonna get the **** beaten out of me otherwise... :(