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why cant I punch when I see the opportunity?


Posted 12:37 am, 01/09/2015

hi guys, last 2 days ago i got into a real fight.
after analysing my mistakes, it seems that I cant pull the trigger when I see the chances

I have been self training myself for more than 3 years now on situational fights.
I practice basic moves of boxing, muay thai, karate. I also have interest in krav maga, mma, taichi, wing chun and other discipline.
I'm not saying I am an expert. I just select and practice moves that I think is useful in a real fight.

What I'm really mad about last 2 days ago is that I saw many opportunities to punch, kick, knee, and elbow my opponent as I have predicted those in my self training. BUT I DID NOT EXCECUTE.
This recent fight was with my brother, so I was thinking "maybe I still care for him even though we are fighting" excuses... BUT

But I recalled all my previous fights in my lifetime. The loses and the wins.
And I found out one thing in common, I did not commit to punching really hard.
example of Lose:
- i'm holding my opponents uniform(because we are in school), and he keeps punching me but he can't reach me because i have a longer arm. I have my left arm pinning him and my right fist ready to strike. BUT I DID NOT PUNCH. So I consider this a lost
example of Win:
- my opponent was trying to scare me, then he tried to give me a low kick. Because I have a small karate background that time, my instinct suddenly raised my shin to block his low kick. I blocked his 3 low kicks and at the third time of the block I gave him a simple karate punch in the chest simultaneous with my block. The fight ended that way. He stop, but I know I did not gave him the hurting. But I guess this is a win

Right now I have a swollen left face. My face, neck, wrist, random body parts are hurting because of the recent fight.
I also realize on this recent fight that I'm getting old. My asthma attack after 20mins of the fight.

I realized that someday.. When I get into a real fight again AND STILL CAN NOT EXCECUTE, I might end up in a really really bad situation.

I know that it is better to avoid fights BUT we all know that there are times when we need to fight.

I just want to be better prepared and to execute when I see opportunities on my next fight, if that may happen.

Is it because I lack sparring experience?
Should I enrol in a discipline, like boxing or karate, to have sparring experience?
Have any of you guys experience this before?, like did not execute when you saw the chance to strike?