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I just played with RuneScape


Posted 7:42 pm, 02/26/2021

Mining out of 80-99 will create about RuneScape gold 60M on gold ore in the Living Rock Caverns and take ~220 hours (supposing 50k exp/h). Hunter out of 80-99 would create about 35M on reddish chinchompas and take ~150 hours (supposing 75k exp/h). Ideally the best way is to get 85 Dungeoneering and just do frost dragons if you want cash, but you won't be looking at getting any 99s quickly.

I think I watched gloves on the exchange, but only heard ppl talk about acquiring boots at the match. The boots have to be a drop for the very loyal and lucky ones - I have collected 450 coms and only died once - yup on the tower in mage wear, the more shifters ganged me and oops - I respawn on the landing, but the game was a shed - no things. And foliage - ty much for the urge regarding the deflector - and - I would start with 1000 points?

I just played with the conquest once - yeesh it had been too slow and begged the man to kill everyone quickly so I could leave - lol. I understood nothing about the things - to me the match seemed too much like a rip off of chess, but the pieces were just mighty slow in moving and I was not into waiting to play with a game with another individual that used all their time in chossing a movement.

Oh my guy was slow in making a choice. Of course he won as I only needed to get it over with. No points for phree. I should examine the computer thing - and hope to get a 1250 rating to earn that deflector so that I can stop that pest place and proceed. In Terms of SW? A fine mager freezes you as you depart - its a struggle to get out the gate. Then if I get it outside? The match lags and I stand still while everything flows around me - yes my connection is actually slow -

Satellite net is chunky at greatest, but there is besides up the dial. So I am limited in many events that are timed or need to eat quick, run stable - such as vanstrom - I grew up as my web stuck while I watched the almost ded van kick that the 60% remaining life from me while I franticly clicked sharks which couldn't be eaten. The good news? So SW is pretty much too fast of an event for me to buy RS gold enjoy it but did get good exp zeal out of it.

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