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I really don't believe it actually has anything to do


Posted 3:13 am, 05/23/2020

I really don't believe it actually has anything to OSRS gold do with people like this guy, it's just kind of the nature of MMO games and also how they are set up. The entire point of those games is to always work at advancing. Before you get to the end game your progressing is leveling up. It isn't really even possible for you to stay at the midgame even if you wanted to. You just won't devote a whole lot of time there since you kind of can't. When you get into the higher levels/end game you can not progress by leveling up anymore so rather than just leveling you need more information to play through. But I agree that this guy is an idiot and took it to the extreme.

That is not a reasonable thing to mention when 66 percent of gamers voted for it. Elitism comes from the fact that the couple"elitist" gamers think they know what is ideal for RuneScape. OSRS will never get a new RuneScape skill because you cannot get 75% of players to agree on what a new RuneScape skill should be. First it was sailing being to"mini-game" such as (fun) to be a RuneScape ability, subsequently artisan being to similar to Slayer (the most popular RuneScape ability in RuneScape). Warding might have been a buyable, but if the majority of osrs RuneScape skills (firemaking, herblore, mining, smithing, crafting) are either brain dead grinds, or buyables at least warding stuffed a function and had an individuality. That's more OSRS than most RuneScape skills.

It ultimately should come down to what is best for RuneScape, and the thing sink Warding additional (the economy desperately needs it if most items are alch worth ), along with the repurposing of ring imbues and other out of place content, and the need for something fresh like a brand new RuneScape ability more than justified it. Warding was the very OSRS RuneScape skill pitched so far and no one could agree about what a new RuneScape ability should be.

Runescape releases new RuneScape ability: Archaeology

I spent all day playing this RuneScape ability launch, and have stayed in the top couple million people in the RuneScape ability, eventually taking a break to buy RS gold eat a dinner and unwind. The past couple of years have been the most appropriate for RS3 dismissing. But wow. The team that built this RuneScape skill has something really special here. It's an excellent marriage of narrative, environment, and gathering RuneScape skill grind.