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The Future of WoW Classic


Posted 3:49 am, 01/27/2021

Recently a lot of wow classic players are discussing the future of wow classic: wow classic tbc beta, release and transfer methods. Today we are going to share some predictions on the future of World of Warcraft classic. Welcome to WOWclassicgp's video guide. An analysis, commentary and some predictions on the future of classic wow including The Burning Crusade Classic, Fresh Vanilla and Non-fresh Vanilla. All the content of this article is quoted from his video. Buy classic wow gold

Lots of news in the realm of classic recently starting off. We have some unconfirmed leaks regarding burning crusade. I wanted to mention this first because it's the most recent big news that most of you are probably interested in TBC Classic Beta in Mid-February, and Blizzcon is online this year on February 19th, so if the leaks are true, it's probably an announcement plus the launch shortly. After that 2.0.1 Prepatch will be released on Mid-April, this is when we got the new talents, new honor system and where everybody could buy any pvp gear class balance and all sorts of stuff, because it's unconfirmed, I don't go too crazy with that video by staysafe who originally broke the news along with Nano who worked on nostalrius.

I want to talk about here is the future of classic in general and how we'll transition to bc, because there are a ton of questions and no answers, but we can draw some logical conclusions. As you know we recently had some interesting surveys about not only tbc classic, but also even fresh vanilla classic.

Would you play fresh?

Would you play bc?

What's your interest in each of these?

We also had some surveys regarding the transfer methods from vanilla to bc, so in this video you can learn them. I'm also mimicking all survey questions, and use the community information to get an idea of what Blizzard will do, so share them with everyone.

Right now Naxxramas is out and there's no more new content. Once you kill Kel'thuzad, you've cleared the hardest raid in the game. What will happen to the player base is the game by itself enough to carry an active population to catch up.

Blizzard had started sending out some surveys for bc classic in March, 2020, and it was just a wait-and-see game. No one really knew what the future held, but those questions combined with some interviews all, and it confirms the recreation of the game's first expansion.

Fresh Vanilla

I want to talk about Fresh Vanilla firstly, since that's the new development in the background even back during phase one launch of classic. There's been talking about the fresh server from the community as the name implies new servers starting from phase one are launched, no transfers of any kind. Molten core & Onyxia are the only 40 man's unlocked raid, and the game goes through the same or similar phasing schedule that it went through from August 2019 to today. This is what we got for questions in the survey. Not only players are interested in phase one, but also original server and classic burning crusade, so obviously here they're trying to gauge interest on how the community will split up. When all of this stuff is released, I'm pretty in touch with the community. These days I always have my ears to the ground again. I'll have these polls for you to vote on, but I think most people are leaning towards bc classic right now for a few reasons.

Reason 1

Although it's not really new obviously since it was released 14 years ago, it's new in the classic scene and a new expansion with updated balance, more raids and new features such as arena, two new races, new zones professions. I think in general it's more appealing to somebody who's already played classic vanilla, even though both options are really appealing, especially if they fix a lot of the stuff in vanilla classic. I think overall there's more interest in bc and I can guess that's the way the poll is going to go.

Reason 2

Although there are a lot of people who want to start fresh, there's also a lot of people who want to continue their characters. People are worried that all of the hard work, they put into their characters will be for naught. What will happen for their guild and communities? Classic players don't really like change if you haven't noticed it yet, so there are a lot of people who want to keep their next gear, ranking 14 titles, classic wow gold and so on into the outland.

Reason 3

Although I'm not too invested into the private server scene here, from my understanding the burning crusade is much less explored than vanilla, and the order of popularity follows the original expansion release, so tons of vanilla servers and a few bc servers are less wrath, including bfa for those who really loved island expeditions.

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