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2019 Financials are in. Subscription Revenue up 29%. MTX Revenue down 16%. First year OSRS brings in


Posted 3:51 am, 01/27/2021

This approach brings long-term user retention, high rates of return for lapsed players and robust recurring revenue.In 2019, RuneScape's product revenue remained stable at revenue of E43m(2018:E47m) , the year on year difference being further tapering of micro-transactions off c rings in light of customer sentiment and fatigue, whilst subscription revenue held level.The team continue to provide regular new game content, made on-going refinements to the game's operations, and continued to develop and test the mobile version, reaching a nEarly Access public test in Q 4 2019.

OldSchool RuneScape's product revenue increased to f65m(2018:f45m) , benefiting from the full year of availability of mobile devices.Both RuneScape and OldSchool RuneScape maintained a strong presence on social media and video platforms throughout thcy car through events including competitive tournaments and the Rune Fest fan convention.

I think it boils down to bonds, keys, rune osrs gold, and loyalty points. Bonds can redeem for membership but also keys and rune coins I think.

Keys open up Treasure Hunter chests, which is a replacement for the Sequel of Fortune. Pretty much loot boxes that can award coins/alchs/resources, exp lamps/stars (stars give bonus exp instead of direct exp), untradeable "lucky" items for some formerly higher-end gear like GWD (they did add some GWD nex gear I think to much backlash but I don't think it exists for the truly high-end gear), skilling outfits and elite skilling outfits (used to be TH exclusive but I think they all are earnable in-game now), and some cosmetic outfit. Also, I think you get oddments from opening them now as a guaranteed thing that can save up to buy some stuff in its own reward shop.

Rune Coins are a lot simpler; they are just an MTX currency for their MTX shop. Most of it is cosmetic stuff like outfits, but there are some QoL stuff like purchasing more bank space and Elite Pets (they pick up items for you and some stuff). Also, there are Loyalty Points which is earned from having a membership, but technically they can be considered MTX since you get some from purchasing Premier Club membership packages (alongside some other unique rewards). Loyalty Points largely give cosmetics like outfits, recolors, titles, and emotes, but they also get Auras, which give buffs for a duration and then go on cooldown. Auras have their own equipment slot and can be BiS for PvM and Skilling. Oh, and they also did some cosmetic exclusive to membership cards or packages; not sure if they still do them.

This year especially in the content department. Archaeology was an amazing update and was great for the game since it released when quarantines started, but the opportunity was squandered with around 10 weeks of short patch notes following it (I think it was 13 weeks of dry updates with no new content, but I can't remember so I can't say for certain).

It's disappointing, because RS3 genuinely has the potential to be one of the best MMO's available, but the higher ups have seemingly gotten very lazy with it. I was hoping that they'd be able to ATLEAST use the immense MTX profits on making the game's graphical fidelity consistent, but it never happened, even though they supposedly source their graphical work to multiple third party companies.

Now I fear that they're going to cash out and abandon it completely since OSRS is doing better with nowhere near the amount of MTX (which is deserved tbh. I enjoy spending time in here and see what's going on with the other half of the RuneScape family, and it seems like the Devs are all actual fans of the game and genuinely want to see it improve and grow in the long run. The RS3 Devs just always seem so dead inside, and the community is always in a state of general dissatisfaction. I do still lay most of the blame on the higher ups).

Of course, there are alternatives that you can use to earn gold in the game. Many players choose to buy OSRS Gold directly, which many online retailers selling OSRS Gold can do For Example RS3gold.com.