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Pro wrestling idea


Posted 6:57 am, 10/01/2007

This is not a troll post, I swear. Just hear me out. I used to be a big pro wrestling fan, especially during ECW's prime. Lance Storm had one of the best matches I have ever seen with Rob Van Damme.

What he said proves that pro wrestling is simply fading out, to a smaller market. Take something like UFC for example. What if it was seasonal? How would you feel? People would go nuts if that happened.

What if WWE was seasonal? Sure, people would go crazy. But, WWE's audience is pretty nuts as it is already. Back in pro wrestling's prime, especially during the WWF/WCW Monday Night Wars era, this idea wouldn't get more than a chuckle. Now, it's considered a good idea, because wrestling isn't fresh. You've seen pretty much every scenario possible in "the squared circle", and you have the knowledge that it is an act. I think the fact that MMA is real kind of makes it the replacement for pro wrestling in a way. Sure, MMA is a legit sport. But, I know quite a few people who were very addicted to pro wrestling, got into MMA, and never watched WWE again.


Posted 11:58 am, 09/25/2007

The WWE and TNA Impact do not need to run on seasons. What they need to do is rotate the pro-wrestlers in and out of the spotlight more often. Buff Bagwell was on one of the HBO Sports shows recently, and he said it perfectly. The pro-wrestling promotions run these pro-wrestlers into the ground with constant performances. They need to give the pro-wrestlers far more down time than they currently have in order to keep the injuries down, the addictions to pain killers down, and to allow them to unwind mentally.

But, pro-wrestling has always been about striking while the iron is hot. They have to get a guy promoted and on TV and PPVs and in arenas for the fans to see while that pro-wrestler is fresh and exciting. That's how the WWE (formerly the WWF) beat out Monday Night Football for many years. The WWE has always been a ratings machine.

Look at it now, three shows a week for five hours a week, and that's just the WWE. TNA will now have a two-hour time slot on Spike TV on Thursday night. That means seven hours a week of pro-wrestling. That will be 208 shows a year. Throw in the two PPVs per month and that means that there will be 232 events per year. Maybe more, if you throw in the occassional Saturday Night's Main Event (yes , they still do them), and if you count the non-televised events at some smaller, local arenas.

THAT is why pro-wrestling has been a billion-dollar industry for a longe time now.


Posted 10:42 am, 09/25/2007

that is fairly interesting. i myself do remember Saturday Nights Main Event so i have some idea of how the author feels. i stopped watching WWE and prowrestling years ago mostly because the story lines were drawn out and boring. since its not an actual sport the outcomes never really were shocking anymore, more like a long running series of gimmicks. however the WWE is still SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT, maybe its time they just chose to be entertainment. for the WWE less may just equal more in my opinion.


Posted 10:33 am, 09/25/2007

This one is for the pro-wrestling fans around here. If you're not a fan, that's cool. But please don't post the same old trolling garbage. Thanks.

I haven't followed pro wrestling, specifically the WWE, very closely for about the last 5 years. MMA has simply taken all of that time commitment. But I'll tune in occasionally if there is nothing else going on.

That being said, I read an interesting article on the Fight Network by Lance Storm. He brings up a very interesting idea that maybe the WWE needs to have seasons almost rather than running continuously throughout the year. Now obviously as Storm points out, this is unrealistic with the TV revenue and need to constantly be promoting the monthly PPV's. But in theory, its a very good idea. Read the link and let us know what you think.